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Monday, July 09, 2012

Birthing Class-We're Getting Close!

Here I am, 34w3d pregnant and enjoying every moment of it-that is, when my vagina doesn't feel like it's falling out due to round ligament pain and when I'm able to sleep a few hours in a row. Other than that, it is absolutely wonderful. Even during those times, I love being pregnant, I just wish it wasn't painful or so tiring! 

34w2d July 8th, 2012

This past Saturday and Sunday, we attended Birthing Class where we will be delivering. I would have to say that there weren't many things I learned, but the most important to me was how to properly breath and push. No hee-hee-huuuuu's here. I also have done tons of reading/researching, so that's why I knew a lot of what was talked about in class. But Ben on the other hand, said he learned a ton, including how to be the support I need. I am thankful for that and can't wait to see how he does during birth!
I was surprised that out of 16 couples, only 4 of us Mom's To Be raised our hand when asked if we had seen either a live birth or a live birth on tv/internet. Um hello?!?! You're about to give birth-shouldn't you know what to expect? What is really going on down there? I have watched many videos so that I am prepared! Scared, yes....but at least prepared! 

 What I was most excited about from class was that we were told breastfed babies poop doesnt stink...How awesome...That's how I plan to feed Callie...Well I shared that on Facebook and here are a few of the responses: 
*"Oh my audris were nasty and runny plus explosive lol .. She could never keep it in her diaper .. Poor daddy got pooped on"
*"Oh Molly's breast milk poop was super runny and nasty... Scott and I used to call it poop explosions lol"
*"All depends on what u eat. Haha. But they are a lot runnier than regular food poops and less stinky than formula poop"
*"That's a lie!! "
I was so sad to find that they still stink, but not as bad. But it's poop....can't expect it to not smell, right?!

My favorite part of the 2 day class was the tour-the rooms are fairly nice-there is an area dad can use as a bed, which is much better than the un-comfy chair my sister had in her room in Ky. It can also be a bench for visitors. We all have our own flat screen tv and can play music during, which will be a nice distraction. At least I hope it will be at times! We will be in the same room from labor to recovery then after 2 hours of recovery, we are taken to another floor where we spend the remainder of our time at the hospital. The food smelled great from the cafeteria, so I hope it is good. If not, we are close to many places--Daddy or someone visiting can grab something for us :)  

But taking the tour just reminds me how far we have come, and how close the end is. Our little girl will be here in about 5 weeks, give or take a little bit. Hopefully she doesn't try to stay in there too much longer than her due date! This Thursday is my last Bi-Weekly visit and ultrasound!!!! I pray for a cooperative little girl :) Then I'll be visiting weekly and getting those pelvic exams...yay me! I hope for some news of dilatation and effacement! Only time will tell.

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