Children too are a gift from the LORD, The fruit of the womb, A reward. – Psalm 127:3

Friday, July 27, 2012

37 Weeks and Counting

Yesterday was my weekly checkup as well as an ultrasound...An unexpected ultrasound at that...We were told our previous would be the last, so this made me very excited! My youngest sister and her best friend were here for the week and excited to go with. Since Callie is stubborn and doesn't really show us her face, my sister thought she would be our good luck charm this time around. I told her I highly doubted that...and I was right!
Callie is still head down, but this time she was laying on her left side (she eventually turned back toward my back, so we didn't get a single good view of her!) Her estimate weight was 6lbs4oz and a heart rate of 156(later at the OB, it was 144). Amniotic fluid still looks good and she was in the 34th percentile for growth! So blessed for good news every visit! 
So after the ultrasound, I headed to my OB's office for my checkup. At my last appointment, I had only gained 1/2lb in a week. This time, I gained a week!?!?! What the crap! I haven't even any differently. Ben said he feels I have been drinking more water is all. My blood pressure was great-122/70. It has been fairly consistant with this number the entire time, so Dr Wingo believes my weight gain is just fluid retention, which he said was normal at this point. I was told to continue pushing fluids and to come back Tuesday instead of later in the week to see if I'm still gaining that fast. If I am, I'm not sure what he will want to do?!. 
I have thinned even more(what percent, I'm not sure-he doesn't really say), and I have dilated to 1cm....that is pretty exciting. I'm glad my body knows what it needs to be doing. I will say that the checkup this week was even more uncomfortable than the first. Maybe that's common?

Today is my 37th week...So I am officially FULL TERM!!!! I can't believe we have made it to this point! And I certainly cannot wait to meet our little girl! I made my last trip to Ky without a time we go, we will have a family of 3, plus our furbaby. So crazy to think about! I can't believe how blessed we really are. I can honestly say, though, that at this point, I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. The heat is crazy, the lack of sleep stinks(even though it's preparing us for down the road) and the hormones are CRAZY....crazy let me tell you. I think I've cried at least once a day for the last month, most of the time for no reason...Makes me laugh thinking about it now. But Ben knows I can't help it and he just tells me how much he loves me and gives me a kiss on the cheek, and it's all better :) But even though I am ready for this to all be over and for us to be holding Callie in our arms, I will miss every bit of what I complain about...I really will....But I can make a new post about that after she is born so I can see how I really feel.

Until my next appointment....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Am I dilated?

Of course that is the question every mom to be has once she hits 36 weeks and starts the pelvic exams! I know I wanted to know what was going on. But I was also nervous when I got to the Dr because what if my body wasn't doing what it was supposed to? I was also scared of how it was going to feel, but other than a lot of pressure due to Callie being so far down, it was no worse than a pap. I was happy about that!
Well, to answer my question, my body is doing what it should! Although I haven't dilated any, my cervix has started to thin out, which is great. Callie was on the move a lot today, so we didn't get an exact heart beat, but an estimate in the 160's. Dr Wingo even felt her head when he checked me!  (I text my mother and told her I was going to try and feel her head...she told me I couldn't lol!) They also did my Strep B test today, so I'm sure I will be told the results next week.
I get another ultrasound Thursday, which I didn't expect...I feel like I've gotten way more than he originally told me I would! I'm not complaining though :) Then we have our appointment right after. Hopefully my body is progressing even more by then! From what I've read over the last few months, I need to have lots of sex and walk a lot! I think the mall is calling my name this weekend ;)

 I still can't believe I will be considered FULL TERM next Friday!!!! Woohooo!!! The end is near :)

Monday, July 09, 2012

Birthing Class-We're Getting Close!

Here I am, 34w3d pregnant and enjoying every moment of it-that is, when my vagina doesn't feel like it's falling out due to round ligament pain and when I'm able to sleep a few hours in a row. Other than that, it is absolutely wonderful. Even during those times, I love being pregnant, I just wish it wasn't painful or so tiring! 

34w2d July 8th, 2012

This past Saturday and Sunday, we attended Birthing Class where we will be delivering. I would have to say that there weren't many things I learned, but the most important to me was how to properly breath and push. No hee-hee-huuuuu's here. I also have done tons of reading/researching, so that's why I knew a lot of what was talked about in class. But Ben on the other hand, said he learned a ton, including how to be the support I need. I am thankful for that and can't wait to see how he does during birth!
I was surprised that out of 16 couples, only 4 of us Mom's To Be raised our hand when asked if we had seen either a live birth or a live birth on tv/internet. Um hello?!?! You're about to give birth-shouldn't you know what to expect? What is really going on down there? I have watched many videos so that I am prepared! Scared, yes....but at least prepared! 

 What I was most excited about from class was that we were told breastfed babies poop doesnt stink...How awesome...That's how I plan to feed Callie...Well I shared that on Facebook and here are a few of the responses: 
*"Oh my audris were nasty and runny plus explosive lol .. She could never keep it in her diaper .. Poor daddy got pooped on"
*"Oh Molly's breast milk poop was super runny and nasty... Scott and I used to call it poop explosions lol"
*"All depends on what u eat. Haha. But they are a lot runnier than regular food poops and less stinky than formula poop"
*"That's a lie!! "
I was so sad to find that they still stink, but not as bad. But it's poop....can't expect it to not smell, right?!

My favorite part of the 2 day class was the tour-the rooms are fairly nice-there is an area dad can use as a bed, which is much better than the un-comfy chair my sister had in her room in Ky. It can also be a bench for visitors. We all have our own flat screen tv and can play music during, which will be a nice distraction. At least I hope it will be at times! We will be in the same room from labor to recovery then after 2 hours of recovery, we are taken to another floor where we spend the remainder of our time at the hospital. The food smelled great from the cafeteria, so I hope it is good. If not, we are close to many places--Daddy or someone visiting can grab something for us :)  

But taking the tour just reminds me how far we have come, and how close the end is. Our little girl will be here in about 5 weeks, give or take a little bit. Hopefully she doesn't try to stay in there too much longer than her due date! This Thursday is my last Bi-Weekly visit and ultrasound!!!! I pray for a cooperative little girl :) Then I'll be visiting weekly and getting those pelvic exams...yay me! I hope for some news of dilatation and effacement! Only time will tell.