Children too are a gift from the LORD, The fruit of the womb, A reward. – Psalm 127:3

Monday, February 27, 2012

Long Time, No Update!

Well, Today is Feb 27th. I am 15weeks and 3 days along. Just shy of 24 weeks left to go. I can't believe it either! I have stayed on track with the average 5 lb weight gain so far. I've gained 4.5/5 lbs, depending on the morning! This Friday, March 2nd, I have an appointment with my OB for blood work and I am hoping I can hear the heartbeat as well. I havent seen the baby since I was 8w5d, which is sad, but I did get to hear *her* at 12 weeks, and the heart beat was in the 160's. My next ultrasound is March 19th at 1 pm at Vol State. It's free bc students in the sonography Major need practice on live patients, so why not?!?! My 1st and possibly only Ultrasound with my OB is around the 20 week mark, more than likely to find out the sex, which we want to be a surprise, but I'll let them know that before hand! Latest update on baby goodness: We got the nursery painted as well as the crib bedding set ordered and delivered (I'll post pictures soon), and all the furniture has been ordered. It wont be in for a few more weeks. Yes I know I'm not even halfway done and have already done this much, but I'd rather do it now while I am not as large and have more energy to actually want to enjoy the projects! I have purchased my first pair of maternity pants a few weeks back and love them. I may NEVER go back lol. Other than this, not much is going on. I feel occasional flutters at night when I lay down for bed, but I am super excited to actually feel some kicks, as is Daddy! He is starting to get more excited about things, he rubs my belly and kisses it at times, as well as talk to the baby too. Love him.

Until the next update XOXO