Children too are a gift from the LORD, The fruit of the womb, A reward. – Psalm 127:3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Shower and 31 Week Ultrasound

Friday June 15th, I was 31 weeks and had my "last" ultrasound. Callie Rae was completely uncooperative, like usual. She is head down/face down so the only picture we got was of her foot. We saw that and the back of her head. Nothing more.
Here is her sweet baby foot <3
She weighed approximately 3lbs and 12oz, right at the 50th percentile. Her heart rate was 150-We didn't even get this until later at my actual OB appointment because during the ultrasound she moved too much for us to get an accurate reading. Dr Wingo said she was the perfect baby at this point! So exciting to know that all is going well. I did ask for another ultrasound though since we didn't see her much, and he said yes. How exciting! Not sure when it will be though. I go again in 2 weeks for the next checkup. And that's also when I am finished with work to finish getting ready for Callie's arrival. 

To help get ready to meet our baby girl, we had our first baby shower this past Saturday. It was hosted by our hometown church. Just family and friends as well as church members. We got soooo much stuff! Blessed beyond measures!!!  Of course, we keep getting more items. And our 2nd (and last) baby shower is this Saturday, where we live now, with friends and coworkers. Here are just a few photos from the shower.(Ok I said a few and ended up with 18 ha) Ignore me...I'm looking like a big old whale these days. If you can't tell, Winnie The Pooh was our theme :)

Just some of the gifts that were there once we arrived. Many more came after.

My mom, niece and sister

2 of many outfits

Callie's first Bible, with her name engraved on it

Pooh walker for a little later

An amazing swing we got from my Gramma

Caught off guard

My niece helping me look at stuff, and my sister writing stuff down

Daddy was proud when we got her UK outfit and matching socks :)

Callie's Pack N Play

The swing all assembled

5 generations, Great Gramma in front center, Gramma behind her, my Mom on right, Me on left and Callie

Women on both sides. My side and inlaws

Ben, my Mom, and I

Meme, Ben, Me and Robert (father in Law)

My sisters and I-Kelsie(22), Shaina(14), Me(23) and Jonel (20)

Pretty sure this, with the matching hat, will be Callie's going home outfit :)

Friday, June 01, 2012

28 Week Checkup

I'm a week behind on posting, 29 weeks today, only 11 to go! Seems so crazy.

Let's see, 2 weeks ago we went on vacation to Florida and Daddy felt his little girl kick for the first time ever! It was Wednesday, May 23rd!!! He was so very excited, which made my heart melt! Here is a photo of Callie's first visit to the beach :)
Last Friday, the 25th, was my last 4 week visit. Things are flying by now I feel like. But I'm not complaining! My BP was really awesome-120/74. I wish it was always this good! Since I'm O-, I got the RH shot in my hip, it stung a tad, but nothing I didn't get used to with all the IVF shots. I got measured for the first time as well. Callie's heart rate was 147. My bump measured 30 weeks at 28, but since I was bigger to start with, this was no biggie. We know exactly when it happened, so we aren't moving the due date at all :) The 1st of my 2 week visits landed on a week when my OB is on vacation, so I'll go back in 3 weeks, June 15th. I get another ultrasound that day as well! Can't wait to see how she looks in 3d/4d!!!! So exciting! I haven't seen her since 20 weeks along, and I will be 31weeks that day. 31 weeks, can you believe it?!?!?! A year ago, I never would have imagined us getting to this point! 
And some more exciting news-both of our baby showers are planned now! The first is June 16th at the Church Joy Center back home. The 2nd is being thrown by our friends, Sarah and Jacob on June 23rd here in Nashville. So very excited to see everyone and get things we need for Callie. Mostly, we are getting anxious to meet her! She is an active little thing, especially at night. She keeps me up, but I can't complain too much..

Until next time,

Brittanie :)