Children too are a gift from the LORD, The fruit of the womb, A reward. – Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We're Pregnant!!!

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Well, yesterday, 12-12-11, I went for my blood work to see if little Hocker was on it's way. Sure is!!! My beta came back at 894! Kelli said wow it's high, but that it was a good thing. I go bacin tomorrow, 12-14 for another beta just to make sure all is well.

I can't believe it though! We are finally having a baby. Wow! My due date is around August 17th, 2012. Of course it will change a bit once I start going to the ob-gyn. I just don't know what to say.

I took this 12-12-11 while waiting for my results from the clinic. I waited to test the entire 2 weeks!

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