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Sunday, November 27, 2011

And There Were 17!!!

Well, Egg retrieval went fantastic! We got to the hospital a bit before 7 and a nurse pulled in pretty soon after us and took us upstairs with her. She had a yummy smelling dish for breakfast, which was a tease riding in the elevator with her, since I couldn't eat past 12 that morning. Once up there, I just read over paperwork with a different nurse, signed stuff, then got in a beautiful gown. It is indeed the latest fashion in hospital wear!
Told ya so :)
So I had to go empty my blatter and lay back down so the anesthesiologist could hook me up. He was a really nice guy, kinda funny yet strange. Then I had to wait on my Dr to get ready. He finally came in and asked if we had questions and then we were off. I remember them starting my medicine and going out of our room, where I saw my Dr walk in front of me to put on his scrubs. The next thing I remember was waking up back in the room with my nurse taking stats. That was some good stuff! I felt sooooo rested. Ben came back in a few minutes later from gathering his semen sample. I got a juice and some medicine for pain ( I wasn't in pain, it was like menstrual cramps really but my nurse insisted on something to help.) Then relaxed for about 30 minutes. I had to go to the bathroom (apparently 2 liters of liquid had gone through my IV drip), so the nurse came in and helped me go to the bathroom. It was hard to walk normal, I went pretty slow and kinda bent over. There was still a lot of bloating and some pressure. I had to get a cervical stitch so she warned me there would be a string that I may need to push back up inside me. I had some spotting too, which she said was normal. Back in the room she asked if I wanted some circles drawn on my butt so Ben would know where to give my progesterone shot, and of course I said yes! I wasn't trusting Ben to give me a shot! lol. It was kinda strange for her to be eye level with my butt but whatever lol. I am sure she is used to it. 
So the IVF lab Nurse came in and said we had 17 eggs!!! 17 eggs!!! How awesome is that!!! I have to call daily now to keep an update of them.
Friday morning I called and of the 17 eggs we got, they were able to preform ICSI on 13 of them, and of those 13, 9 of them fertilized!!!! Saturday morning the message said most of them looked good and Monday morning they will preform PGD on them and our ET is Tuesday at 3 pm. I am not super happy that she did not explain what she meant by MOST of them being in good shape, but I feel that if it was something to worry about, she would have told me. Today is Sunday and there was no message, kind of made me sad. I was looking forward to hearing about our little embabies! But I will hopefully get a call tomorrow!!! And I THINK we have decided to transfer 2 :) Still haven't decided 100% though :) I will defiantly keep everyone informed! 

On another note, we enjoyed a WONDERFUL few days back home in Kentucky with family after we left the hospital Thursday. I have the best families ever :) 

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